SSG recognizes that each opportunity requires a unique and specific plan to achieve success, and that each industry brings its own set of unique and specific challenges, opportunities, cultures, requirements and regulators. Our industry-focused approach ensures that our experts understand the unique challenges of each industry vertical we specialize in, saving you time and effort, reducing risks to your business, and ensuring successful outcomes that are built to last. 


Healthcare Systems & Services


From the front office of a family practice to the back offices of the largest integrated healthcare delivery networks, SSG has hands-on experience delivering practical solutions across all of our Service Offerings. Our micro-engagement model prioritizes rapid delivery of measurable solutions with extreme quality, instead of overhead and ever-increasing billables.

man in beige blazer holding tablet computer


Public Sector


State and local governments face challenges at every turn. Our team of experts has the robust experience in advanced analytics, IT operations, procurement and compliance to enable both government agencies and the companies who serve them to improve processes and overall efficiency as they seek to solve problems for their vast array of constituents.


Banking & Financial Services


Consumer banks and credit unions are now challenged to deliver seamless user experiences across multiple channels, while navigating through complex regulatory environments, endless fronts of risk, and legacy technology platforms. Our team of experts brings data-driven solutions spanning your technology offerings, processes and practices, and big-data analytics.


Software & Platforms


Whether you’re in the business of designing, developing, implementing, supporting, or procuring software, our team of experts has the experience and expertise to design and improve your practices and methodologies in order to reduce your costs and frustrations, measurably increase the quality of experience for the end user, and help you find calm in an industry founded upon disruption. More importantly, if you’re not in this business, you’re already being left behind. We can solve for that too.


Technology & Communications


For those who didn’t intend to be in this business, welcome – we’re all in this industry now. To those who have weathered the tumultuous storms of this industry for days, weeks, years, or decades, we’re here with to navigate your path to shelter. Our services range from vendor-neutral technology solution assessments to process audits and assessments to practical solutions for your largest, and often most ambiguous problems.