Specializing in information technology and project management, SSG LLC works with clients throughout California to simplify and streamline complex technology projects.. We are comprised of a small and agile team of Technologists and Project Leaders with deep expertise in the market areas of healthcare and financial services.

We recognize that each opportunity requires a unique and specific plan to achieve success. We begin each project by understanding the goals and expectations in order to appropriately set up the engagement and determine the method by which the design, budget, and schedule will be managed.

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Data & Analytics


Our Data Analytics and Visualization practice builds sophisticated, yet practical solutions that allow organizations to better interact with their data, enable the extraction of meaningful insights, and provide opportunities for improved data analysis and reporting.

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Project Management


Our team brings decades of combined experience to your projects. Together with your key stakeholders we will determine the project scope, goals and deliverables so the team assembled to design and construct your project will have clear and precise deliverables.

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Product Ideation


With our industry expertise and experience with product development, we can show you not only all the technological value you currently have within your organization, but create a variety of uses cases highlighting novel new ways to utilize your current investments.